The Bulimba graveyard is situated about 4km south east of Brisbane CBD, found neighboring the edge of Wynnum and Riding Roads, limited on the south by Bennetts Road in suburb of Morningside, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. UBD Map 24 L2.

The cemetery has also been known as Balmoral Cemetery, Morningside Cemetery and Kangaroo Point Cemetery.

The graveyard has additionally been known as Balmoral Cemetery, Morningside Cemetery and Kangaroo Point Cemetery.

Land for the Bulimba burial ground was initially studied in 1864. In 1869, 55 sections of land were gazetted for the Kangaroo Point burial ground. The burial ground is at the intersection of Wynnum and Bennetts Roads in the suburb of Morningside. The graveyard was opened in 1874 with the primary entombment in that equivalent year. In 1891 the burial ground save was diminished to around 15 sections of land to permit more recreational space in Balmoral Park.

Numerous old graves and gravestones exist in sensible fix. On the off chance that you visit the balance can be risky in places because of the slant and lopsidedness of the ground.
Snap on the picture underneath to be taken to the site, claimed and worked by the Friends Of Blamoral Cemetery Inc., for more data about the graveyard and its exercises.

Displayed below are images of the Headstone and Base Cemetery Memorials, Full Single Monument Cemetery Memorials, Full Double Monument Cemetery Memorials, Vault and Mausoleum CemeteryMemorials, created by Beta Memorials – Monumental Masons Brisbane and erected over burial plots in this cemetery. Click on any image to be taken to a page with full details of that monument.

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