The Lutwyche Cemetery, alluded to by numerous individuals as the Lutwyche War Cemetery is situated at the crossing point of Gympie and Kitchener Roads, Kedron, Brisbane Queensland 4031.

The Lutwyche Cemetery opened 1878 and is presently claimed and kept up by the Brisbane City Council. It is in excellent condition, and is available to Family interment, New great graves with Ash remembrances accessible – Burial of remains in family graves

The Lutwyche War Cemetery celebrates the individuals who served in World War One and World War Two.

The burial ground contains war graves of 9 Commonwealth administration work force of World War One and 389 of World War Two, other than 3 servicemen of different nationalities. Inside the burial ground’s war graves plot stands the Queensland Cremation Memorial, raised by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, recording 36 Australian help staff who kicked the bucket in Queensland during World War Two and were incinerated.

Inside the burial ground is a Cross of Sacrifice, raised and paid for by the Imperial War Graves Commission. The stone utilized is Freestone (Helidon) and it was finished in 1950.

Lutwyche Cemetery is on a bustling interstate and urban advancement has spread a long ways past the suburb and it is as yet a significant piece of the network. Neighborhood individuals utilize the territory as an easy route to back boulevards; individuals walk their canines and guests place blossoms on graves, especially on unique events, for example, ANZAC Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Many welcome that a mind boggling history lies in Lutwyche.

Displayed below are images of the Headstone and Base Cemetery Memorials, Full Single Monument Cemetery Memorials, Full Double Monument Cemetery Memorials, Vault and Mausoleum CemeteryMemorials, created by Beta Memorials – Monumental Masons Brisbane and erected over burial plots in this cemetery. Click on any image to be taken to a page with full details of that monument.

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