The Logan Reserve Cemetery additionally know as the Logan Reserve Bethel Lutheran Cemetery is arranged at the side of Logan Reserve and School Roads, Logan Reserve, QLD 4133. Logan Reserve Cemetery was established in 1864.

Logan Reserve is the most established settled region on the Logan River and was initially taken up by Irish outsiders during the 1860s. Slowly German transients moved into the region and they headed out to Bethania to chapel.

Kids went to the Logan Reserve School that was additionally on this site around then. A solicitation was made to the branch of Public Instruction in 1896 to permit a German School to be run in the structure on Saturdays and to utilize the school for chapel on Sundays. No doubt the solicitation for the Saturday School was denied, as the instructor from the ward school at Bethania was sent to Logan Reserve School once every week.

Displayed below are images of the Headstone and Base Cemetery Memorials, Full Single Monument Cemetery Memorials, Full Double Monument Cemetery Memorials, Vault and Mausoleum CemeteryMemorials, created by Beta Memorials – Monumental Masons Brisbane and erected over burial plots in this cemetery. Click on any image to be taken to a page with full details of that monument.

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