Kalbar General Cemetery, arrange at Lot 1, RP 21082, Munbilla Road, Kulgun Road, Kalbar is overseen by The Scenic Rim Regional Council.

Kalbar Cemetery on 2.83 hectares was set up in 1921 and is partitioned into denominational internment regions just as a Lawn segment. One of the Region’s more beautiful graveyards, Kalbar Cemetery has a lot of space for extension with roughly 2/5 of the land zone at present fenced and agisted for steers brushing. New examples of the old cypress pines at the front of the Cemetery are being proliferated in Council’s nursery for conservation purposes.

Assessed internment interments in Kalbar Cemetery will add up to 278 throughout the following 15 years. There are still roughly 2300 plots accessible but to be readied which would mean a future for this burial ground of more than 120 years.

Displayed below are images of the Headstone and Base Cemetery Memorials, Full Single Monument Cemetery Memorials, Full Double Monument Cemetery Memorials, Vault and Mausoleum CemeteryMemorials, created by Beta Memorials – Monumental Masons Brisbane and erected over burial plots in this cemetery. Click on any image to be taken to a page with full details of that monument.

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